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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift?


June 20th, 2020 Posted 8:38 am

How about Heart of Barkness, the most recent Chet and Bernie novel? Here’s Bernie with his son Charlie:

Also it was okay for men to cry. I’d heard if right from Bernie’s lips, one day when Charlie started crying because of some bully in school.

“It’s okay to cry, Charlie,” he’d said. “But first try not to.”

“Huh?” Charlie had said.

“Never mind,” Bernie had told him. “Make your hands into fists and stand like this. Are you right-handed or left-handed?”


“Just kidding. I’m going to teach you the simple right cross. It starts in your legs – “


“Actually the balls of your feet. And finishes smack on some ass – some jerk’s nose. No one likes getting hit on the nose. They try to avoid situations where it might happen again.” He’d held up the palm of his hand. “Here’s some jerk’s nose.” And Charlie’d thrown a punch. Smack. “Nice. Now punch like you’re punching something a little behind the nose, so you have to punch through to get there.”


“That should do it.”

And Bernie had been right about that, except for an angry call from the bully’s mom a few days later.


Mother’s Day Special (More)


May 8th, 2020 Posted 10:25 am

There’s a Mother’s Day Special on Heart of Barkness, the most recent C&B novel: the eBook is $2.99 until May 10. Lotty Pilgrim, one of the main characters, is a down-on-her-luck country singer whose relationship with her daughter is important to the story. Toward the end, she writes and performs Song For Chet. Here it is:


Mother’s Day and Us


May 7th, 2020 Posted 8:21 am

Is there a mother in your life? Can she read? Do you have $2.99? Then the Heart of Barkness Mother’s Day Special – from now until the tenth – is for you. The eBook is at $2.99 wherever eBooks are sold. And motherhood is an important plot element in Heart of Barkness, the most recent Chet and Bernie novel.


Annie (More)


May 6th, 2020 Posted 8:18 am

Many thanks to Barbara Gautreaux for letting us know a little more about Annie, Chet’s May Friend of the Month:

“Seven years ago we got her as a young dog from the Angel Paws Adoption Agency here in Iberia Parish. She is our only dog. Her job is bringing in the newspaper every morning. It’s so cute! She is an amazing dog. She is really our oldest daughter Zoë’s dog, but she is stationed at Ft. Drum in New York so I take her on her morning walk these days.”

(And don’t forget the eBook Mother’s Day Special – from now until May 10, Heart of Barkness, the most recent Chet and Bernie novel, is $2.99. I’m sure if I was more tech savvy I could make that $2.99 flash and pulsate.)


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