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Me …


January 21st, 2020 Posted 12:35 pm

… on Dog Talk Radio with that very good and very nice interviewer, Tracy Hotchner, discussing Heart of Barkness, the latest Chet and Bernie novel.




December 29th, 2019 Posted 7:43 am

On Sundays we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. Since this is the last Sunday of 2019 and Heart of Barkness came out this year, now about some Chet and Bernie?

“Red-letter day, Chet,” said Sergeant Rick Torres, our buddy at the Valley PD Missing Persons Department. “In the car.”

Red-letter day was a mystery to me, and maybe red is, too. Bernie says I can’t be trusted when it comes to red, something I’ve never understood. I knew fire hydrants were red, for example, knew that as well as I know my own name. Which is Chet, in case you missed it, right up there off the jump. I also know “in the car,” and never need to be asked twice. Or even once. Rick opened the passenger-side door of the black-and-white. I hopped in, sat up nice and tall, totally alert, ready for anything. Was my tongue hanging out? Possibly. I got most of it stuffed back in. We have standards, me and Bernie, just one of the reasons that the Little Detective Agency is so successful, except for the finances part. It’s called the Little Detective Agency on account of Bernie’s last name being Little, but we’re equal partners, Bernie handling the gunplay and the so-therefores and me bringing other things to the table. Maybe we’ll get to my teeth a little later.



Fathers and Sons


December 24th, 2019 Posted 6:54 am

Sometimes on Christmas Eve you think about things – for example, fathers and sons, perhaps suggested by those long ago events. This is from Heart of Barkness:

“Mom says you’re the go-to guy.”

“She does?”

“Only for aquifers.”

“Good enough,” Bernie said. “When’s it due?”

“What’s ‘due’?”

“When you have to hand it in.”



“But I got an extension.”

“How’d you do that?”

“I said can I have an extension.”

“Nice. Till when?”





December 15th, 2019 Posted 8:00 am

On Sunday we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. How about The Dog Who Knew Too Much from the Chet and Bernie series? (Heart of Barkness is the latest but they can be read in any order.) The Dog Who Knew Too Much can’t be called a holiday novel, but it is the book where Chet sees snow for the first time – so it would make a great gift! (Mrs. Publicist threw in that last bit.) It starts – as my books often do – in media res.

Was I proud of Bernie or what?

True, he’d been pretty nervous going into this gig. I can always tell when Bernie’s nervous – which hardly ever happens, and never when we’re in action – because his smell sharpens a bit, although it’s still the best human smell there is, apples, bourbon, salt and pepper; but now, up on the stage, he was doing great.

“Which, um,” he was saying, “reminds me of a joke. “Sort of. Maybe not a joke,” he went on, turning a page, “more like a – “ and at that moment the whole wad of papers somehow jumped out of his hands, all the pages gliding down in different directions.


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