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Heads Or Tails


January 11th, 2021 Posted 8:34 am

Heads we reveal the meaning of life. Tails it’s a snippet from Of Mutts and Men, the most recent Chet and Bernie novel. Here we go and it’s … tails. (Ha!)

Wendell’s RV, with the beautiful waterfall on the side, was in a middle row between a smashed-up truck cab and a pile of motorcycle parts, some of them red-stained. A group of women had a big shaved-head dude backed up against the RV. The women were all new to me, but the dude was Itsy Bitsy Litzenberger, a perp at one time and now the junior assistant attendant of the whole shed experience, which just shows you. He saw us coming and called out over the heads of the women.

“Bernie! Help!”

“Hey, Itsy,” Bernie said. “What’s going on?”

The women all wheeled around. We had an old one, a not-quite-so old one, and a younger one than that, although you couldn’t call her young. They all wore yoga pants and gold watches. I sensed trouble.


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