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Westminster (Night One)


February 15th, 2011 Posted 8:22 am

“Don’t tell me Bernie … ?” says Spence.

“‘Fraid so,” says Admin.

“Forgot Valentine’s Day?”

“But completely. And guess who didn’t? Her old boyfriend, Dylan McKnight.”

“That slimeball?”

“Turns out the slimeball is having some success in Hollywood, doing what, God knows. But he sent her a dozen dozen red roses.”

They go quiet.

“What did you think of Westminster?” Spence says after a while.

“I think the judges should examine the handlers’ teeth, too,” says Admin. “But I liked that Scottish Deerhound. Mary Carillo and that other commentator kept calling her Hickory, but her name’s Hickory Wind.”

“After the Gram Parson’s song?”

“Gotta be. And one more thing. Non-sporting is kind of a grab-bag category, don’t you think?”

“Maybe they need a better name for it.”

“How about Nice Pets?” says Admin.


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