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Sports and Us


September 27th, 2022 Posted 7:50 am

We’ve been going on and on about sports in the Chet and Bernie series, so why not go on and on some more? Here’s the golf lesson from Tender Is The Bite. (Charlie is Bernie’s little son, Bernie’s one half of the Little Detective
Agency, Chet, our narrator, is the other half, and Shaky Insterwald is the pro. I include all these details today in case anyone wants to share this post with a reader who doesn’t know this series.)

We took Charlie to Buckets and Buckets O’Balls, Cheapest Driving Range West of the Mississippi, Come Knock Yourself Out for his very first golf lesson.

“Hold the club like so,” said Shaky Insterwald. “Feet this way. Club head back to right here. Load up your power. Feel your power loading up?

Charlie nodded a vigorous nod.

“How’s your eyes?” Shaky said. “Work pretty good?”

“I think so,” said Charlie.

“See the dimples on the ball?”


“I’m gonna make a red mark on a dimple.” Shaky bent down with a red marker. “With them pretty good eyes of yours you’re gonna watch that dimple and you’re not gonna look up until I say so. Got it?”

Charlie nodded another vigorous nod.

“Now load up, feel the power and knock that son of a – son of a gun to kingdom come.”

Charlie swung. Crack. The ball took off.

“’Kay,” Shaky said. “Look up.”

Charlie looked up.

“There’s your ball,” said Shaky.

He pointed. The ball was surprisingly far away, still rising, straight and true. A lovely look appeared on Charlie’s face, an even lovelier one on Bernie’s.


The Masters: Not Everybody Loves Golf


April 7th, 2012 Posted 8:16 am

(The culprit in the story – or dude with good taste, depending on your viewpoint – is named Sierra, but isn’t our Friend of the Month Sierra over there on the right, of course.)

Welcome Brunswick and Legend.


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