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Here’s To Gina


August 3rd, 2010 Posted 10:34 am

“Hmm,” says Bernie. He’s reading the paper. Sometimes humans say hmm. What does it mean? I’m not sure. Humans – this is just a guess on my part – can get very wrapped up in their own minds sometimes.

“Seems there’s this German shepherd named Gina,” he goes on. “She went to Iraq as a bomb-sniffer, witnessed a lot of hairy stuff including bomb explosions and flash-bang grenades going off, and came back with what the vet is calling post-traumatic stress disorder. Other vets don’t like that diagnosis because – whoa! – they think it demeans service men and women.” He turns the page. “Don’t get that at all. But the good news is Gina’s now going on long walks with friendly people and she’s doing much better.”

Walks? Something about walks?

“What are you barking about, big guy?”

I go over, give him a nudge.

Hat tip to Melanie


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