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News From The Nation Within (Revised – Thanks, Mollypop)


September 22nd, 2010 Posted 7:58 am

“Couple of interesting things in the news,” says Bernie. Couple – that means two, right? Two is where I stop counting. But it’s enough, in my opinion. “First, we’ve got this new method of energy production in Cambridge Mass. Wonder if Lily knows about it? Maybe she could stop by and snap a picture.”

“Second, we’ve got the world’s biggest dog, Giant George, 245-pounder – hey! he lives not too far from us, Chet – getting together with the world’s smallest dog, Boo Boo, a twenty-four-ouncer.” Two hundred and forty-five pounder? I’m a hundred-plus pounder myself. Does that mean this Giant George dude is bigger than me? All of a sudden I want to meet him, real bad.

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