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No Post Today


November 23rd, 2010 Posted 8:05 am

Bernie says there are lots of reasons. For one thing, he just realized there’s no peanut oil, and no peanut oil means no deep frying, and no deep frying means no turkey. He says that’s the kind of logic chain Wittgenstein would have no trouble following. Wittgenstein? I’m pretty sure I recall a perp of that name, probably now breaking rocks in the hot sun.

And another thing: the cable guy is coming, something about football on Thanksgiving. We’re having some company, including General Beauregard. Just before the eating starts there’s always a touch football game over at the school yard, but the General and I can’t help doing some tackling too. Humans pinwheeling end over end is always fun to see.

Also Bernie says that some readers on the blog are from places that don’t have Thanksgiving so maybe I should explain. No Thanksgiving? How do you explain that?

“Chet! Let’s go!”


Old Dogs


July 28th, 2010 Posted 8:16 am

“Is this possible,” Spence says, “that this Uncle Chi Chi character – see below, if we can get this link to work – is the oldest dog in the world?”

I perked up. How old was I again? I’d heard Bernie talking about it recently, but the number slipped my mind. Was it more than two? Two’s plenty for me.

“And that whole dog years thing,” says Admin. “I never bought that.”

“You’re in a slightly better mood today.”

“Yeah – that suggestion from Kirby T. Penworthy, amended by Rio, about getting volume 6 of The World at War from the library perked me up. And way more than that – the good news about Staff. But I’m wondering if anyone knows of some real old dogs.”

There was General Beauregard, of course. I love hanging out with him when we visit our weapons guy, Otis DeWayne. Is there one of those visits in To Fetch A Thief?

(Nice job, Rosie!)

(Note from Admin: If link doesn’t work, please try, click on Runnin’ Scared under blogs, and scroll down to previous posts.)


The Morning After


February 8th, 2010 Posted 9:18 am

What a great Super Bowl party! General Beauregard even showed up, with our weapons guy Otis DeWayne. Did we have fun or what? And the owners of the Dry Gulch said not to worry about any of the damage. They’re from New Orleans originally and they were jumping up and down practically the whole night! Jumping up and down turns out to be catchy.

Right now Bernie’s still sleeping. Sometimes he moans a bit. Eventually he’ll get up, swallow some aspirin, down some coffee and start to feel better. Colonel Bob called and the answering machine took it. I’m getting restless. card


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