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Preorder (More)


May 30th, 2020 Posted 9:13 am

Getting some questions re the Of Mutts and Men preorder promotion. All who preorder a digital or hardcover copy of Of Mutts and Men will receive for free on pub date the brand new short story called The Iggy Papers. Simply upload the receipt to the link below. (The questions on the form re month and year of birth are required since those under 18 are ineligible.) All we’ll tell you about The Iggy Papers is that Iggy enters the Galaxatron. As for Of Mutts and Men, it features both defamiliarization and anacoluthon – but you won’t even notice!

For Hobbit – no, never tried pickle ball, but I’m under pressure to.




May 13th, 2020 Posted 7:13 am

Terrible spelling mistake yesterday! I wrote Galaxtron instead of Galaxatron. All the more embarrassing since I made up the thing. A very mysterious thing – and only Iggy ends up knowing what’s inside. Well, there’s one other who ventures in. It’s all in The Iggy Papers. See yesterday’s post on how to get it.



Of Mutts and Men Preorder Info


May 12th, 2020 Posted 10:16 am

There have been some questions about preordering Of Mutts and Men, the next Chet and Bernie novel, coming July 7. This should be easy and simple. Everyone who preorders will receive a bonus short story for free (I’m rather fond of this short story! It’s called The Iggy Papers and includes a Galaxtron scene for the first time in English-language literature). Just save your receipt and upload it to the site at this link:



The Galaxatron …


April 27th, 2020 Posted 8:41 am

… is something you will only find in the new Chet and Bernie short story The Iggy Papers. Free, but there’s only one way to get it!


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