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Digital Madness


June 13th, 2011 Posted 9:01 am

“So who was running the show when we were away?” says Admin.

“Not sure,” says Spence.

“Whoever it was had a little adventure on Facebook.”


“Mentioned something about frisbees.”


“But yes. Ended up in some sort of spontaneous contest having to do with that ‘like’ feature.”

“Do we even have any of those frisbees? Wasn’t that an Atria thing only, for BEA?”

“We’d better make a search. Otherwise there may be resentment. To say nothing of the Plunderers, who may be feeling completely shut out.”


“You said it.”

Frisbees? Those orange ones? I know where one is, behind that bush by the garage. That’s where I keep it, a real safe place. Now for a nice stretch.


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No Post Today


May 27th, 2011 Posted 9:06 am

Why not? Something about traveling? A big apple? I’ll eat an apple now and again. Not my favorite, but I’m not fussy. When it comes to eaters, the only really fussy one I know is Leda. 

Some other time we’ll get to Frisbees and new business cards and Snowhook, and … what was that other thing?


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May 19th, 2011 Posted 8:15 am

“So now we know the name of this brave member of the nation within who accompanied SEAL Team 6 on the bin Laden raid,” says Spence. “It’s Cairo.”

“Are we pronouncing that like Cairo, Egypt?” Bernie says. “Or Cairo, Illinois?”

“No idea,” says Admin. “And wasn’t it interesting when the subject was flooding between Cairo and New Madrid?”

“Why is that?”

“Because then we’ve got two places pronounced two ways, depending where you’re coming from.”

“Kind of confusing,” Spence says. “As Chet would say.”

I open my eyes. What’s this? Something about me?

“Do you think we should mention the Frisbees?” says Admin.

“Not yet,” says Spence.

Frisbees? I want to know now!


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December 15th, 2010 Posted 8:32 am

“Here’s something you might enjoy, Chet,” Bernie says. “Tufts University – kind of far from here, now that I think of it, and maybe pretty cold right now – is bringing in therapy dogs to lower the college kids’ stress levels at exam time.”

Stress? Not sure what that is, but college kids? Love ’em! What a life they have! I know because sometimes we visit Valley College downtown to look in on Prof. He’s our money expert – we have experts on everything, part of our business plan – and once he told us about this dude name of Marx, possibly a perp, in which case watch your back, amigo, who said ‘The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people,’ something Bernie brought up at a party the other day but no one listened; but forget all that, and anyway it might be in Thereby Hangs A Tail. The point is if I had to be human, no offense, I’d want to be a college student. Frisbees! Beer! Sleeping in till all hours! Calling home for more money! Hooking up! (Whatever that may be.) College kids are ready for fun 24/7. Me too!


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