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November 8th, 2018 Posted 7:31 am

Chet’s November Friend of the Month! What’s left of it! Russian hackers seem to have infiltrated the random number generator with the something called the borscht virus. We’ll have everything fixed by next month. Check out the FB page for more details.




November 7th, 2018 Posted 7:12 am

We completely forgot November Friend of the Month! Somebody think of a good excuse, quick! Anyway, we’ll have it tomorrow!


Ruby! (More)


October 2nd, 2018 Posted 7:22 am

The human companion of Chet’s Friend of the Month always gets to tell us a little about the new winner. Here’s Ruby HC on Ruby. Many thanks for this, Katie B. (And in accordance with international law, may we remind everyone that our next 2 books, RUFF VS. FLUFF, first in the new Queenie and Arthur middle-grade series – available to adults with fake ID – and HEART OF BARKNESS, the new Chet and Bernie novel, are now ready for preorder at all the usual sites.)

“Ruby is a one and a half year old Boston Terrier. She’s a seal color (charcoal grey) and is the little sister to two other Boston Terriers and a pit. She may be the smallest but she’s got a big attitude. She’s currently battling a major lung infection from unknown causes and if the antibiotics don’t work, she’ll need a chest tube placed and a 4 day hospitalization. Pray the meds work!”




October 1st, 2018 Posted 7:55 am

The random number generator speaks: “Ruby!” Here she is, Chet’s October Friend of the Month. Ruby’s human companion gets a signed copy of THE RIGHT SIDE or a Chet and Bernie novel. Next month this could be you. Please check out the FB page for details. Congrats, Ruby!


The Books

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