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A Bad Situation


August 14th, 2009 Posted 9:42 am

“Speaking of getting hurt,” Bernie said, “how’s Kelo Printz?”

“Not familiar with the name,” said Freddie Dancer. But I was. Kelo Printz was our client. The client is the one who pays. I don’t forget a client. Our finances are a mess, something I may get into a little later. But not now. Now we were in a bad situation, Suzie held by Freddie Dancer and the bald guy, a gun to her head. Bernie stood still, his eyes on Freddie. I stood still beside him, my eyes on Freddie, too, just waiting. “I want that film,” Freddie said.

Bernie nodded. “It’s upstairs in the safe,” he said. And so was the shotgun! “I’ll go get it.”

“Tell you what,” said Freddie. “We’ll all go.”



Bad Guys


August 13th, 2009 Posted 8:36 am

“Put the gun down, Freddie,” Bernie said. “Nothing good can come of this.”

“Did I ask for your opinion?” Freddie Dancer said. He kept the gun right where it was, pointed at Suzie’s head. Her eyes were open very wide. A growling noise started up, a very angry noise. “And keep that damn dog away from me,” Freddie said.

“Easy, big guy,” said Bernie. The growling? That turned out to be me. I tried to stop, and pretty much did.

“We walk out of here with the film and no one gets hurt,” Freddie said. The bald guy holding Suzie’s other arm smiled this little smile I didn’t like at all.

“What film?” said Bernie.

“See,” said Freddie, tapping the gun softly at the side of Suzie’s head, “that’s how someone gets hurt.” The urge to bite got very strong in me.




August 12th, 2009 Posted 8:37 am

Knocking at the door. We were out on the patio, me, Bernie, Suzie. They’d been talking about the Greed Case. I’d been watching Bernie. He had some burger patties on a plate, and was moving toward the grill.

“Should I get that?” Suzie said.

“Thanks,” said Bernie, dropping the first patty on the grill. I moved a little closer.

Suzie went into the house. Bernie got the rest of the burgers going. How many? Don’t ask me. All I knew was there was enough for everybody. I heard Suzie’s footsteps coming back. And what was that? Other footsteps, too, heavy ones. I turned toward the back door. Suzie came out, two men beside her, a bald one and a white-haired one. I recognized them from the box canyon. The bald one had a gun to Suzie’s head. The white-haired one – Freddie Dancer – had a gun, too. His was pointed at Bernie.


Donut Heaven, Continued

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July 11th, 2009 Posted 7:32 am

A lovely cruller. I curled up on the shotgun seat and got to work. Meanwhile Bernie and Lt. Stine were talking about Freddie Dancer, the dude who’d taken pot shots at us down at the tiny box canyon. I got the feeling Bernie was learning something important, like Freddie Dancer’s name was really Freddie Dangelo, and that he’d got his name from dancing on some poor guy his gang had beat up, and that he’d done time at Central State for kidnapping. But only a feeling, because mostly all that talk passed over me like a gentle breeze. I took care of that cruller, then licked off the last crumbs. I was still doing that when Bernie said, “Kidnapped? Interesting. That’s what happened to our client, Kelo Printz.”


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