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August 19th, 2010 Posted 9:28 am

We were going to get back to the Astrid case today – Spence said something about a flow chart that’s going to save our bacon, although no bacon has appeared yet and I’ve been watching for it non-stop – but Bernie’s too upset about some bull fight in Spain. I’m not sure what bullfighting is but Bernie hates it.

“I feel bad this bull jumped into the stands and hurt people,” he says, “but why expect that tormenting animals is going to lead to anything good? And that’s what bullfighting is, pure and simple. All that Hemingway stuff is bunk.”

Hey! I remember Waldo Hemingway, a perp we collared not too long ago. Not actually by the collar – more by the pant leg, in fact. Waldo was one of those humans who’s afraid of my kind. He went quietly, except for a few screams. He’d been eating a chicken salad sandwich at the time. I finished it. Why not? But what he had to do with bullfighting is a mystery.


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