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Ruff Vs. Fluff: The First Paragraph


November 26th, 2018 Posted 8:16 am

(Coming in March; middle-grade but available to adults with fake ID; fake ID happily supplied here – just send $1000 in small unmarked bills. Have a nice day!)

Chapter One: Queenie

I have the most beautiful voice. I use it to say just one thing: Me-ow! Have you ever heard anything so lovely? And it starts with “me”! How great is that? I love starting with me. In fact, I have no time for anything that doesn’t start with me and keep on going with me right until it ends, with me. Me – or actually ME – is how I think of myself, but you can call me Queenie, like all the other humans. Call me Queenie – but don’t expect me to come, or perform some stupid trick, or pay the slightest attention to you. You have my permission to look at me all you want. I don’t blame you. I’m a thing of beauty.


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