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Dig This


October 19th, 2009 Posted 8:02 am

Uniformed cops came with shovels and dug around the cactus where Iggy had lifted his leg. Iggy had been trapped in his house so long I’d forgotteen how much fun he was. I went over and gave him a nip. He rolled right over, all his paws in the air. That Iggy!

The cops turned up some rocks and a rusty old spoon. That rusty old spoon looked interesting and I wanted it, but one of the cops stuck it in an evidence bag.

“Nothing just vanishes into thin air,” Lt. Stine said. He looked down at me and Iggy. “What did you dogs do with that film?”

Iggy stopped pawing the air. I wagged my tail.


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Into Thin Air

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October 16th, 2009 Posted 8:35 am

“Vanished into thin air?” said Lt. Stine. “How is that possible?”

We were out in the canyon, a whole bunch of us – Lt. Stine and some uniformed guys – they had Kelo, Portia, Freddie and Trimmer all safely cuffed in a cruiser – Bernie and me, plus Suzie; and don’t forget Iggy. But the thing is the film had vanished into thin air. That’s exactly what happened – I saw it with my own eyes.

“Iggy?” Bernie said. “What did you do with the film, little guy?”

Iggy liked Bernie. He ran around in circles, stubby tail wagging, and lifted his leg against a cactus.

“Think we should dig around that plant?” said Lt. Stine.


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October 15th, 2009 Posted 7:36 am

Sometimes, like when you least expect it, things have a way of happening fast. Ever noticed that? For example, there’s this whole coil of film lying on the ground and all of a sudden: bird shadow! I looked up and saw an enormous bird, the biggest I’d ever seen. It had angry little eyes and huge claws and was headed right for Iggy. Iggy’s not very big and for a moment I thought – oh, no, not Iggy!

Which turned out to be the case, because this bird wasn’t interested in Iggy. It wanted that film, and in a flash it had the film, gripped tightly in those claws. Then – zoom – the bird was climbing high in the sky, trailing a long long strip of film. The sun shone on the film, making a beautiful sight in all that blue. The world can be a very beautiful place. We watched that bird getting smaller and smaller, me and Iggy, the gleam of the film getting dimmer and dimmer, until finally there was nothing but a black dot, and then just nothing but empty blue sky.


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Film Curating


October 13th, 2009 Posted 7:40 am

Hey! Iggy could really run! It had been so long since he’d been free that I’d forgotten. The little guy could scoot.

“Stop him, for God’s sake,” Kelo Printz shouted.

I took off. Was it to stop Iggy? Not so sure about that. He scampered down Mesquite Road, trailing all that coiling film. I charged after him. He darted through someone’s yard, into the back, and whoa! What was this? A little path leading into the canyon? How come I didn’t know about this? We ran into the canyon, down a gully, up onto a ridge, dust rising, side by side, me nipping at the film from time to time – how come Iggy got to have it? – and tiny scraps of it tearing off and blowing away. Were we having fun or what?


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