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What’s In A Name?


April 15th, 2016 Posted 8:52 am

Mrs. Publicist: Fifteenth of the month – time for What’s In A Name, where Spence takes us behind the scenes in the Chet and Bernie series.

Spencer Quinn: But not too far!

Mrs. P: Meaning into the shadowy depths of your subconscious?

SQ: Now you’re scaring me. Today I thought we’d discuss Victor D. Ferretti, the high-up federal investigator in PAW AND ORDER.

Mrs. P: The one who uses the expression about the tail wagging the dog in Chet’s presence?

SQ: That’s him.

Mrs. P: Chet got sidetracked by that, as I recall, possibly missing the rest of the scene.

SQ: A whole chapter, I think. As for Ferretti the investigator, the inspiration was ferret, of course, a relentless digger. I thought the formality of Victor D. went nicely with that, kind of the way the animals in The Wind in the Willows are dressed so tweedily.

Mrs. P: Thanks, Spence! See you next month for more of What’s In A Name!


What’s In A Name?


April 15th, 2014 Posted 8:52 am

Ms. Publicist: Fifteenth of the month, so it’s time for my little talk with Spencer Quinn, where he gives the inside dope on one of the characters from the Chet and Bernie series. What’ll it be today, Spence?

Spencer Quinn: Does anyone ever give the outside dope on something? But to answer the question, how about a character from PAW AND ORDER, which isn’t even out yet?

Ms. P: Nothing in the rules against it.

SQ: Then we’ll talk about Mr. Ferretti. I like every name to suggest something or other, but we have to be much more subtle about it than they were in Dickens’ day – with Mr. Bumble, and Gradgrind, and all that. With Mr. Ferretti – a perfectly plausible Italianate surname – we conjure up a hunting creature very good at digging things up.

Ms. P: The ferret, perhaps?

SQ: None other.

Ms. P: Thanks, Spence. Go do your taxes.

SQ: Argh.


A Pig In A Poke? Er …


April 9th, 2013 Posted 8:33 am

Thanks to Amalia for this tip. And our thoughts are with her and Leonard today.


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