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What’s In A Name?


July 19th, 2016 Posted 6:58 am

Mrs. Publicist: As promised, What’s In A Name, a little late, but here! What character name should we discuss, Spence?
SQ: I believe I saw a reader (from the reknowned Plunderer subset) question about Bernie’s Porsche, and the Porsche – actually 3 so far in the series – is a sort of character. The name was already in place, of course, but the big decision was to make the model not a brand new Carrera, but an old and dinged up relic.
Mrs. P: Because that tells us something about Bernie?
SQ: Either way it would, but brand new wouldn’t be him, even if he could afford it.
Mrs. P: And each one in the series is older and more dinged up than the last?
SQ: Exactly. Which opened the door for a mechanic in the stories – Nixon Panero.
Mrs. P: Who painted martini glasses on the body of the most recent one. Meaning C&B were sure to get pulled over. So that led to the role of the motorcycle cop, Fritzie Bortz?
SQ: You see how these things work! Should we go into Ferdinand Porsche’s Nazi past?
Mrs. P: Maybe not today. I’ll see you next month for more of What’s In A Name.


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