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The Feminine Side


July 21st, 2019 Posted 8:50 am

Normally on Sunday we do beginnings. Instead, today – this little bit from Heart of Barkness, the brand-new (USA Today bestselling) Chet and Bernie (in the previous scene, Chet found himself wading in a fountain he’d only intended to drink from):

“Logically,” Bernie said as we drove away from the church, the shotgun seat possibly a little on the damp side, “we should be looking into Adele’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. But I’m just not feeling it, Chet. Is that the feminine side of me?”

What was this? Feminine side of Bernie? I’d never been so baffled. Feminine Bernie? Was it possible we’d been partners all this time and I’d missed something like that? I gave him a real good sniff and –

“Hey, Chet, knock it off!”

– and detected not a trace of feminine. He was one hundred percent male, practically as male as me. So what was going on?



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