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A Nice Breeze


June 26th, 2009 Posted 9:14 am

Ezra Printz? The name was kind of vague in my mind. I was already giving up on trying to remember when Bernie said, “Sometimes it helps to go over the facts. Ezra Printz – Hollywood flack who worked on the Greed shoot, notorious silent film that ended in bitter conflict between the director, Erich von Stroheim, and the producer, Louis B. Mayer – was the great-grandfather of our client, Kelo Printz, a client now missing, in fact, abducted.” Uh-oh. That all went by way too fast. “Remember that ransom call?” I tried and tried. “And what was the ransom demand?” Bernie went on. “A can of film.” He held it up. It sparkled in the sun, a lovely sight. I felt a current of air stirring in the box canyon from somewhere behind me, and not long after realized it was my tail. We were on the job, me and Bernie.




June 25th, 2009 Posted 7:59 am

I went over to Bernie, that metal Frisbee-shaped thing in my mouth. “A film can, Chet? That’s kind of strange.” He took it. “We had a film can in the Greed Case, and when we opened it – no film, but a painting by that Martin Ramirez guy.” Hey! I remembered that – a strange painting with trains and tunnels. 

Bernie opened up the film can, looked inside. “A film can with film inside this time,” Bernie said. “Plus a business card.” He held up the business card. “Ezra Printz, Public Relations, Hollywood, California. Tops in the Wonderful World of Movies.” He shook his head. “There’s a slogan.” Then he turned the card over. There was writing on the back. “What’s this?” Bernie said, squinting at the writing. Squinting: always interesting when humans did that. They never look their best squinting, but so what? I like just about every human I’ve met, even including some of the perps and gangbangers. Not Mr. Gulagov, of course. I think he’s in Dog On It. 

Bernie read the writing on the back of Ezra Printz’s business card. “The Greed Murder.”

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