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Dogs + Baseball = Good; Dogs + Baseball + Canada = Bad


November 16th, 2012 Posted 7:47 am

“Hear about the blockbuster trade, or rather salary dump, by the Miami Marlins?” Admin says.

“Of course,” says Spence. “Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle and more, in return for not much..”

“Exactly. But there’s a catch – Slater – Mark  Buehrle’s Staffordshire terrier – can’t go with him. Read all about it here.”–mlb.html

Welcome Alfred.

And Saturday afternoon in Osterville Mass.: Spence.



Event Next Saturday


November 10th, 2012 Posted 8:59 am

3-5 PM, Osterville Village Library (Mass.), Mystery Panel with Spence, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Randall Peffer. Also book signing. And paw-printing. (Paw-printing not obligatory, but in all the signings Spence has done only one guy ever said no.)


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Globalization, International Economics, And Us: From A Fistful Of Collars


October 27th, 2012 Posted 8:36 am

The next thing I knew we were on our way to the yard at the back of Nixon’s Championship Autobody. One of his guys was spraypainting a picture of a curvy woman on a black fender.

“More tit, Ruy,” Nixon said as we went by. “What’s wrong with you?”

Ruy raised his mask. “Sorry, boss.”

We kept going. “Can’t get good help,” Nixon said. “What’s going to happen to this country? We’re competing in the global marketplace.”

“Maybe the big breast thing isn’t as important overseas,” Bernie said.

“Talk sense, Bernie,” Nixon said.

Today, 2-3, Boston Book Festival: Peter Abrahams is on a panel discussing middle-grade mysteries, Boston Public Library, McKim Lower.


Pablo Sandoval Day


October 25th, 2012 Posted 10:48 am

“Kind of undermined your World Series pick,” Admin says.

“Ain’t over till it’s etc.,” says Spence.

“Where are you today?”

“Chicago. I’m on two panels: 1st stop at Lake Villa District Library at 1PM, then at 6 PM at The Cellar in conjunction with Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter.”


The Books

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