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More Fun With Tin Futures! Part 1 (of 37)


May 11th, 2010 Posted 9:00 am

“You’ve heard of Ethelred the Unready?” Foster said.

“Anglo-Saxon king?” Bernie said. “Got drubbed by the Danes?”

The Danes? Muley and Hoss? I remembered them well, perps with a dusty ranch halfway to nowhere, as Bernie said, who had a nice little truck hijacking business on the side. Muley turned out to be a pretty good shot, which gave us some trouble for a while. Gunfire, ranch, desert: Bernie was in a real good mood after that, said it reminded him of the old west, but that didn’t seem to cheer up Muley and Hoss, tied up and bleeding a bit.

“Yeah,” said Foster, “that’s the guy. I didn’t know about him till Astrid explained. So it’s kind of a … what’s the word?”

“Pun?” said Bernie.

“Yeah, pun. Ethel Ready.”

“Sounds like she picked up an education along the way,” Bernie said.

“Not so much in school, I don’t think,” said Foster. “But she was a great reader. That really bugged Albie.”


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