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Beginnings (More)


February 18th, 2018 Posted 8:44 am

On Sunday we’ve been doing beginnings – all the Chet and Bernie’s (as part of Chetspeak) – and now taking on all the Peter Abrahams novels in chronological order. Here, from 1994, #7 – LIGHTS OUT (first of what might be called the prison novels – the others are END OF STORY and DELUSION. Also probably the second-most Bahamian of the Abrahams novels, after PRESSURE DROP. And an Edgar Award best novel finalist):

Man is the word. You can’t stop hearing it when you’re inside. “You crazy, man?” “You fuckin’ with me, man?” “Fuck you, man.” “Shi’, man.” “Sheet, man.” “Shit, man.” It doesn’t mean a thing. It’s just an itch no one can stop scratching, a sore tooth no one can stop probing.




June 10th, 2015 Posted 7:24 am

The escapees are still on the loose from the grim-looking prison in Dannemora. That prison plays a role in END OF STORY, one of PA’s prison novels (LIGHTS OUT and DELUSION are the others).



Story Structure 2


October 29th, 2009 Posted 7:52 am

Admin’s belief when it comes to story structure and story-telling in general is this: keep the writer out of the limelight. The problem for Admin with metafiction is that the subtext is often the cleverness of the writer. Admin’s old fashioned that way, was brought up differently. On the other hand, he knows a bit about open, ambiguous endings. Some examples? Oblivion and End of Story, by Peter Abrahams. (Some meta stuff even gets snuck into End of Story, also into Their Wildest Dreams.)

But enough of this! Tomorrow – back to fun!


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