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Elephants (More)


November 7th, 2011 Posted 8:32 am

Admin: since the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary came up last week, here’s a little bit from To Fetch A Thief:

I ran onto the loading dock. Still some light left and I could see Peanut clearly. She was on the ground, walking toward the perp’s old – what was the word? – jalopy. That was it. She walked over to the jalopy, lifted one of her huge round feet and stomped down, crushing the whole front end. Why? I had no idea, but I liked it, liked it a whole lot. Then Peanut raised her trunk high and blew a beautiful trumpeting sound up toward the darkening sky. I loved that trumpeting sound – as good as Roy Eldridge or better – and was hoping for more, when the baboon blew right by me with a whoosh of air, flew out into the night and disappeared from view, although not before I saw that he had the sombrero.

I jumped down onto the ground and went over to Peanut. This was the Peanut Case, meaning she was my responsibility. First I had to get her attention. That probably meant waiting until she’d finished crushing the jalopy’s back end. It didn’t take long.


R.I.P.: Bella


November 4th, 2011 Posted 8:01 am

“Bella, the dog at the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee, died,” says Admin.

“Sorry to hear that,” says Spence. “She was amazing.”

“Isn’t that the sanctuary where Peanut goes at the end of To Fetch A Thief?” Admin says.

“It’s not spelled out, but yes,” says Spence.

“How about linking to the video tribute?”

Welcome Belle, Snow Sadie, strong-looking dude.

Hat tip: Lucy


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