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October 4th, 2023 Posted 8:10 am

Thanks to Staff for her comment yesterday re preordering Up On The Woof Top from Eight Cousins in Falmouth MA, where I live. I’m happy to drop in and sign copies before they’re sent to you. Not just Staff – for whose support I’m very grateful – but anyone!


Hometown Fun!


August 22nd, 2023 Posted 7:30 am

Tonight the Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge tour comes to my own town! So I can be there in 5 minutes! Eight Cousins Books, a New England institution, is sponsoring my appearance at a venue I know well, namely Falmouth Public Library – 300 Main Street Falmouth Mass., 6:30 PM. Talk, Q&A, signing, and we may even squeeze in mention of Up On The Woof Top, the next Chet and Bernie novel, coming in October. Y’all come, as we never say on Cape Cod.




July 9th, 2023 Posted 8:23 am

First, a program note: the Eight Cousins Books event on the tour for Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge will be held at the Falmouth (Mass.) Public Library August 22 at 6:30 PM. An updated tour schedule will appear at tomorrow and will soon be here on FB, barring tech difficulties.
And now, since it’s Sunday, let’s check out beginnings. How about the start of Chapter 22 in Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge?
Mrs. Plansky walked quickly, partly on account of the cold, but also because speed seemed to be making her new hip feel better, perhaps warming up all that titanium. How lucky she was! She knew other tennis players, men and women, who had replaced hips, knees, shoulders, even an ankle or two in the hope of getting back on the court. But often it didn’t work out that way and yet there she was, playing the way she’d played ten or fifteen years ago! Naturally she’d need to check video to confirm that judgment, video that luckily did not exist. Mrs. Plansky was occupying herself along those lines when she got the feeling that maybe she should have reached the square by now. She checked her surroundings and recognized nothing.

Tonight! Live!


August 17th, 2022 Posted 7:14 am

Tonight at 6:30 Eight Cousins Books (a Cape Cod institution!) will be hosting me for a talk and signing at the Falmouth Mass. Public Library, 300 Main St. I may read a very short passage from Bark To The Future, a snippet that maybe distills the whole series!


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