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Connecticut Children’s Book Fair


November 10th, 2015 Posted 7:32 am

Spence will be presenting at 10AM this Sunday. What will he talk about? WOOF and writing for kids! He’ll also probably mention the Echo Falls series as well. And what about REALITY CHECK (2010 Edgar Award winner for best YA mystery)? Why not throw that in, too? Then there’s ARF, coming in April. (He’ll never remember all of this.)



R.I.P. Jack Bruce


November 1st, 2014 Posted 7:13 am

“Best known from Cream, but he had a long career in music,” Admin says.


“For many years, I thought he was the son of Nigel Bruce, who played Dr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes films starring Basil Rathbone (and is the source of the name for Ingrid’s dog in the Echo Falls series). But he wasn’t.”


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Sundays With Ingrid


August 7th, 2011 Posted 8:33 am

“Imagine,” said Jill Rubino, “that you’re walking through a dark dark forest. We’ve got a lot of good stuff left over from Macbeth – “ a disastrous production from the year before Ingrid joined the Prescott Players, Meredith O’Malley’s Out-Damned-Spot speech ending in a fit of giggles that people still talked about – “and I know Mr. Rubino will come up with scary lighting effects.”

Ingrid and Brucie walked across the stage.

“Brucie?” said Jill. “Is that you whistling?”

He nodded vigorously, kept whistling.

“And your thinking?”

“Whistling in the dark,” said Brucie. “Ever heard that expression?”

“I have,” said Jill. “But wasn’t that Yankee Doodle Dandy?”


“I’m not sure Yankee Doodle Dandy fits the mood,” said Jill. “Silence, building tension – that’s what we’re about in this scene.”

“But – “

In a very low voice, Ingrid, stealing a line from Mr. Sidney, said, “Zip it.”

Brucie’s eyes widened. He zipped it. The rehearsal went smoothly after that. Ingrid lost herself totally in Gretel’s fear. Today, for some reason, she could do fear effortlessly.


On the way out, Jill said, “You were great today.”

Ingrid felt herself beaming.

Jill put her hand on Ingrid’s shoulder. “Holding up okay?”

Ingrid nodded. Jill was about to say something else when Brucie sidled up.

“Got a question, Bruce?”

“Yeah,” said Brucie. “Who’s your agent?”

Jill turned a little pink. “Why do you ask?”

“Thought maybe it was time.”


“For me to get one, too.”

“I’ll tell you when,” said Jill.

From Into the Dark.

Welcome Frodo


An Interview With Grampy


July 17th, 2011 Posted 8:40 am

From the files of Mr. Samuels, Echo editor

Interview Transcript with reporter’s notes: Subject – Aylmer Hill

Samuels: Morning, Aylmer. Been a long time.

Hill: Since when?

Samuels: Why, uh, since we had a sitdown together, you and I.

Hill: When did that ever happen?

Samuels: Well, perhaps not formally – maybe making this a little more special, if you see what I mean. (Note: AH says nothing. Describe his gaze, clear and icy. Omit or at least tone down its disquieting effect.) Care for a Danish?

Hill: Nope.

Samuels: Must be why you stay so trim. If you don’t mind my asking, how’s your health these days?

Hill: Tip top.

Samuels: Probably feeling especially good right now, I’d imagine.

Hill: Why?

Samuels: What with your recent exoneration in the Thatcher murder and all. (Note: no reply, just the gaze again) Um, a splash more coffee?

Hill: Nope.

Samuels: How do you feel about the way the case was handled?

Hill: Been around the block.

Samuels: You’re saying you’ve been around the block?

Hill: What I said.

Samuels: Meaning, ah, in terms of the case, that …

Hill: Been in worse situations.

Samuels: Ah, let’s get into that. I take it you’re referring to your experiences in World War Two. (Note: again no reply, but possibly a slight nod) I’m sure The Echo’s readers would be interested in your account of those adventures.

Hill: Adventures?

Samuels: Ordeal might be a better word.

Hill: Think so?

Samuels: What word would you choose?

Hill: (Note: long silence during which AH’s eyes seem to cloud over) Long time ago.

Samuels: Meaning the memories have faded?

Hill: Nothing wrong with my memory.

Samuels: So when you think of the Bataan Death March –

Hill: I don’t.

Samuels: But if you did, right now, for example, as a matter of historical record for Echo readers, what would your thoughts be? For example, do you feel bitterness toward the Japanese?

Hill: (Note: an even longer silence) Only some of them.

Samuels: What’s your reaction to those who say that once the dogs of war are unleashed anything goes?

Hill: (Note: the disquieting look) Then we’re just beasts.

Samuels: So there should be restraint even in war?

Hill: (Note: perhaps another slight nod)

Samuels: Changing subjects a little bit, did you happen to catch your granddaughter Ingrid’s performance in the Prescott Players’s recent production of Hansel and Gretel?

Hill: Yeah. (Note: a sudden laugh) I snuck in the back.

Samuels: You snuck in the back?

Hill: Got a problem with that?

Samuels: Well, why not just take a normal seat, like anyone else? (Note: an icy look that goes on and on) Moving on to the play itself, what did you think of Ingrid’s performance?

Hill: (Note: After a sudden quick smile that changes his whole face) My family is a private matter.

Samuels: Meaning?

Hill: None of your damn business.

Samuels: So you’d like me to keep the Ingrid part off the record?

Hill: All of it.

Samuels: I’m sorry?

Hill: (Note: covers the mike with his hand) All of it. It’s all off the record. Every single word.

Samuels: But I don’t understand. You said that – (Note: subject has risen and is leaving the room.)

From the extras to the paperback edition of Into the Dark.


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