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E-Story Two


February 9th, 2013 Posted 10:41 am

“How about we do the Teitelbaum divorce?” Spence says. “It was one of Chet and Bernie’s first cases together.”

“Don’t see why not,” says Admin. “You get cracking and I’ll take a little nap. Wasn’t that how we divided it up for A Cat Was Involved?”


Eighth Teitelbaum Mention


February 6th, 2013 Posted 7:53 am

“My son,” Bernie said, “is wearing eye make-up.”

“God almighty, it’s for the camera,” Leda said. “John Wayne wore eye make-up. Humphrey Bogart wore eye make-up.”

“I don’t believe it,” Bernie said.

Charlie glanced up from a sheet of paper he was staring at. “I’m trying to memorize this.”

“Memorize what?” said Bernie.

“His line,” said Leda. “Why are you not getting this?”

All of a sudden it felt like old times. I preferred new times, especially if old times meant going back to the Leda days. In some ways – this occurring to me for the very first time, funny how the mind works – she was like Mrs. Teitelbaum. But unlike Mrs. Teitelbaum, Leda couldn’t drive a stick – would I ever forget the time Bernie tried to teach her – so the earth mover episode would never have happened to us.

“What’s the line, Charlie?” Bernie said.

“Don’t disturb him,” Leda said. “He’s internalizing it.”

“Huh?” said Bernie.

From  A Fistful of Collars.


Seventh Mention Of The Teitelbaum Divorce


January 30th, 2013 Posted 8:14 am

We were back at the movie set, me, Bernie, Leda, and Charlie, all by ourselves in one of the trailers. Leda wore tight jeans, a tight little top, and lots of jewelry. Bernie was dressed like Bernie. I had on my brown leather collar – the black one’s for dress-up, in case that hasn’t come up yet. Charlie wore a sort of cowboy outfit – cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and one of those long duster coats. Bernie had one, hanging in the closet back home, a gift from Mr. Teitelbaum who owned clothing stores, although not as many after the Teitelbaum divorce, a case I’ll never forget. Mrs. Teitelbaum driving that earth mover right through garage where Mr. Teitelbaum kept his antique car collection? And then back the other way? That kind of thing stays in the mind. It was also on that case that I first discovered kosher chicken, proving there’s good in everything; one of my core beliefs. – From A Fistful of Collars

Welcome Izzy, deep-thinking dude, Milkdud.


Fifth Mention of the Teitelbaum Divorce


January 6th, 2013 Posted 8:46 am

“It didn’t sound kosher from the get-go,” Bernie said, and then he added something I missed, on account of: kosher! That took me back in a flash to the Teitelbaum divorce and the chicken at the celebration dinner, best I’ve ever tasted, although the celebration might have been a little premature, coming just before Mrs. Teitelbaum drove the earthmover into the garage where Mr. Teitelbaum kept his antique car collection. He had a bunch of Porsches, all of them way nicer than ours, and then not.

“ … ulterior motive,” Anya was saying, “none whatsoever. I told you the truth.”

“Some of it, maybe,” Bernie said. “What was Guy’s motive for wanting to get back with you?”

“Is it so hard to imagine he might still be interested?” Anya said.

Bernie got this expression I hadn’t seen on his face since the Leda days.

From The Dog Who Knew Too Much.


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