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Beginnings (More)


November 18th, 2018 Posted 7:41 am

On Sundays we’ve been doing beginnings – all the Peter Abrahams books in chronological order, including those written under the Spencer Quinn pen name. Now we’re onto the short stories. There are 4 Chet and Bernie short stories, all available digitally. The second is THE IGGY CHRONICLES, VOLUME 1. The C&B series can be read in any order, no problem.

Old Mr. Parsons knocked on our door. I was lying in the front hall, eyes closed and not really in the mood to open them even though Mr. Parsons was a good buddy. Mr. Parsons had a knock all his own, quiet yet bony, but I’d already known it was him just from the slow bumpitty bump of his steps – he used a walker, couldn’t make it much easier for me than that – and of course how could you miss his old man smell, kind of like stacks of yellowed crumbing newspapers we’d once toppled over, me and Bernie, revealing a perp whose name escapes me – although no perp ever escapes me and Bernie, not in the end – and … and where were we going with this? Easy to lose the thread sometimes: once I had one caught way up inside my mouth. It dangled down and tickled my tongue in a bothersome way. But not now: no thread worries, no worries of any kind. A lovely dream featuring snacks and treats was getting ready to take me in.



Chetspeak on Sunday


February 15th, 2015 Posted 8:31 am

The door opened. Surprise! There was the Hawaiian shirt dude. Bernie: the name came to me at once. We were going to take him down? I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. Then I caught the first lovely whiff of him and was sure I couldn’t. His eyes – very interesting eyes, full of both shadows and light – went to Rick, me, and back to Rick.

“Rick?” he said. “Something up?”

“No,” Rick said. “I mean not really.” He gestured toward me. “Remember, um, Butch, here?”

“This is Chet,” Bernie said. “Butch is the lazy one.”

“Chet, right,” said Rick. “Anyway, maybe you could do me a little favor.”

“Like what?”

“Turns out that Chet washed out of the program.”

“He did?”

“Flunked the leaping test.”

Bernie gave me another look, maybe the strangest look I’ve ever gotten from a human: he seemed to see inside me. “That’s weird.”

“Bobby sort of predicted it, actually. Which is where the favor comes in. He tried to drop the dog off at the pound but they were closed. So Bobby needs someone to board him for the night, and I thought of you.”

– from A CAT WAS INVOLVED (the first C&B e-story; $.99!)





October 12th, 2013 Posted 9:01 am

“I believe some readers who download A Cat Was Involved or The Iggy Chronicles, Volume 1 think they’re getting a novel,” Spence says.

“But doesn’t it say right on them that  they’re short stories?” Admin says. “And isn’t the price – 99 cents – a dead giveaway?”

“Nevertheless – a gentle reminder that they are short stories, somewhere between 7500 and 10500 words as I recall.”


Welcome Sophie.


Housekeeping Bulletin


April 5th, 2012 Posted 9:13 am

“I hear you’re going to the blogpaws convention,” Admin says.

“Salt Lake City, June 21-23,” says Spence. “Really looking forward to it.”

“Anything else on the agenda?”

“Well, also around late June I believe, there’s going to be an e-only Chet and Bernie short story. This is in response to those who get a little impatient with the yearly interval between books.”

“Do we know what the short story will be about?” Admin says.

“Heh heh, as a certain pug might respond,” says Spence.

“Heh heh meaning it’s a secret, or heh heh you have no clue?”

Welcome Shelly, Iggy(!), Hershey.


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