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Levers Of Power


September 14th, 2010 Posted 8:18 am

Bernie’s sipping coffee, very quiet today. “I know we’ve got to get back to the Astrid case, Chet. But right now I can’t help thinking about National Slim Jim Day and how to make it happen.”

That Bernie! I go over and give him a nice little bump with the side of my head. We love that, me and Bernie, and this time no coffee gets spilled, unlike some other times I remember a bit too late.

“It’s all about politics, big guy. According to the polls, the Democrats are in trouble.” Democats, did he say? Whoa! “Suppose we somehow convinced them to back National Slim Jim Day. Dollars to doughnuts those poll numbers are going to soar.” Doughnuts are in the mix now? And do cats like Slim Jims? This was getting confusing. Are we on our way to Donut Heaven? I move toward the door, just in case. Have to be ready for anything – politics is new to me.

Sunday at 1: Salem Literary Festival. Spence at Cornerstone Books, Salem Mass. Possible look-alike contest (Chet, Iggy, Princess, General Beauregard) with prizes. Possibly.




November 22nd, 2009 Posted 9:38 am

Kentucky 34 – Georgia 27. Oh, well.

But now we’re back to the subject of mascots. Thanks to Debbie LM for pointing out that the Hoyas of Georgetown also have a bulldog mascot, name of Jack. (“And what does Hoya mean?” Bernie wants to know.) So – can anyone think of more dog mascots in college sports? Please write in!

Sunday – Elvis gospel on XM/Sirius. We’ve got it on in the Porsche (an old and beat up Porsche, in case anyone’s forgotten) and we’re headed for Donut Heaven. Bernie says Elvis would have loved Donut Heaven. Also he says that Elvis had lots of dogs, such as Brutus (great Dane), Foxhugh (terrier), and Sherlock (basset hound). Foxhugh – what a name! So is Elvis, come to think of it.


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