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SATs and US


January 21st, 2022 Posted 8:08 am

Recently we got an email from a puzzled reader not knowing what the following exchange from Tender Is The Bite (between Bernie and a school janitor) was about. A few pages earlier, when he and Chet crossed the state line, Bernie seemed to be musing about the differences between the two states. And so now:

Hector came back outside. “She runs a little place outside of town.” He handed Bernie a scrap of paper. “One other thing. That possible cop fellow? Might have been a redhead. Hard to tell with the cap and all.”

            “You’re an excellent observer,” Bernie said.

            Hector shrugged. “Had nothing else to do for a spell. Eighteen years, seven months, eight days, to put it in numbers. Took the time to educate myself a little bit.”

            Bernie’s eyes got bright. “Then maybe you can help me,” he said. He cleared his throat. “Arizona is to New Mexico as … “

            “Donald Duck is to Daffy Duck,” Hector said, without the slightest pause. He went inside and got back to mopping the floor.

I wrote back saying remember those SAT analogies? Music : Love :: and then would come 5 choices like River : Thirst and Rice : Take-out … etc. But no! The SAT had no meaning for her. She was Australian! Something else I now need to factor into my work. And now I find out the analogies are no longer part of the test. I remember kind of liking them – wacky fun, a bit like Jeopardy.




February 26th, 2012 Posted 8:01 am

“We’re in Orlando next weekend?” Admin says.

“Sleuthfest, Friday and Saturday,” Spence says. “We’re both on panels, three in all, I think. It takes place at the Royal Plaza Hotel, which I believe is in Walt Disney World.”



“I was just thinking about Donald Duck versus Daffy Duck, the whole Disney/Warner Brothers discussion.”

“You met Chuck Jones at some point?”

“Had drinks with him on several occasions,” Admin says. “Once he drew me Bugs Bunny with a codfish. A codfish codpiece, actually.”

“We’ve veered off-topic.”

“Call it mental off-roading.”

Welcome Hezzie.


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