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December 5th, 2017 Posted 8:05 am

Raccoons are suddenly in the picture?


The Nation Within, That Other Nation Within, and …


December 2nd, 2017 Posted 7:48 am

… what’s going on upstairs.



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February 3rd, 2009 Posted 4:11 pm

Bernie just took some leftovers from the fridge and sniffed to see if they were still good. I love when Bernie tries to smell something. The human nose is so small and useless. What’s up with that? Their ears aren’t so small, though, but they’re pretty useless, too.  Bernie’s eyes are good, unlike lots of other humans. I hate when they wear glasses, makes them seem more like machines than they already are. But don’t get me wrong – I like just about every human I ever met, except for perps and gangbangers, and even some of them were not too bad. 

Bernie’s dumping the leftovers in the garbage, even though I can smell from across the room that they’re perfectly fine. Here’s an interesting fact: the top of the garbage can comes off no problem.


Super Bowl

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February 1st, 2009 Posted 2:33 pm

Before I get to Marley and Me – don’t worry, haven’t forgotten – I better mention we’re at a Super Bowl party, me and Bernie. Some bikers are here. I like bikers, even though we’ve had a dust-up or two with them in the past. I like dust-ups, too. One particular biker dust-up might be in Dog On It, not sure. Anyway, the Super Bowl is football. Bernie likes baseball much better. He pitched for Army, or maybe I mentioned that already. Me, I find baseball hard to understand. Football is easy: one big dust-up. I love when they play in the rain, love playing in the rain myself. As for the football – not my favorite ball. Have to get hold of it by one of the ends, and even then it’s pretty slippery. Basketballs are the worst, completely impossible unless you make a little hole in them first. Then they shrink down nicely. That was a great day, when I found that out! 

Was there something else …?


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