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News From C&B Country


October 27th, 2017 Posted 8:16 am


Irma, Jacksonville, The Nation Within


September 14th, 2017 Posted 7:30 am

And we’re sure similar situations apply in most of the state. As for some of the badly hit islands in the Caribbean, we fear bad news on this particular front.


Before The Shelter


July 30th, 2017 Posted 8:51 am

“Any dog person,” Dot said, “knows that it’s a huge mistake to welcome in a new one before the end of the grieving process.”

“And when would that be?” LeAnne said. “Six years seems like a long time.”

“Come June. The second. And since when, no offense, do you get the right to set the limit on who feels what?” Maybe Dot saw some changed expression on LeAnne’s face at that moment. She added, “I don’t mean you, personally. I mean anyone.”

So no one had a right to set limits on another’s feelings? That was all too complicated for LeAnne this particular morning, or maybe at any time in her life, even before her head got messed up, inside and out. All she knew was that she didn’t really want to fight with this woman, was not in the mood for fighting at all. Although that could change.

“All right, no reason you have to step up,” LeAnne said. “I’ll take her to the shelter, check it out.”

“Your call.”

“You said that already. And I specifically said check it out, no more than that.”

Dot gave her a long look. Her expression changed back from judgmental aunt to grandmotherly. “Thank you for your service.”


“Your military service.”

“I get it,” LeAnne said. “But why now?”

“I’m just glad we have tough people like you defending our country, that’s all.”

LeAnne felt her face going red; she turned away to hide any show like that.



Barber For The Unwanted …


March 2nd, 2016 Posted 8:56 am

… in the nation within. A great idea! (Hat tip – Nancy D.)


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