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Cap’n Crunch


March 29th, 2022 Posted 6:57 am

Parrots came up yesterday, bringing to mind Cap’n Crunch, who plays a supporting role in Dog On It:

“He said, ‘Madison rocks.’ She taught him. He can say other things, too.”

Whoa. Cynthia was claiming that he – this beady-eyed inmate – could talk? I didn’t buy it.

“His name’s Cap’n Crunch.”

Cap’n Crunch bobbed his head back and forth, an ugly, lizard-like motion, and made the horrible croaking noise again. It ended in a high-pitched squeak that hurt my ears. One glance at Bernie and I knew he wasn’t hearing that squeak. Bernie missed some things, true, but you had to admire him: he never let his handicaps get him down.

“What else can he say?”

Oh, Bernie, please.

Cynthia approached the cage. “Come on, baby.”

Squawk squawk.

“Hear that?”


“’Light my fire.’ He said, ‘Light my fire’ when I said ‘Come on baby.’”



Honky Tonk Parrot


March 28th, 2022 Posted 7:17 am

Cap’n Crunch, the parrot who says, “Make it a double,” plays a role in Dog On It, the first Chet and Bernie novel. That’s the remote connection to today’s post – with many thanks to my friend Bob.




(Not) Beginnings


November 21st, 2021 Posted 8:16 am

Normally on Sunday we do beginnings, taking a look at a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™. But we’ve got a special week coming up, so here, from Dog On It (first in the Chet and Bernie series – which can be read in any order!) is the first mention of Thanksgiving in C&B:

Albie Rose lived in the biggest house I’d ever seen, more like a palace, surrounded by high walls. A guy with big shoulders and a gun on his hip led us across vast green lawns to a huge swimming pool. On a deck chair by the pool lay a fat old man in a tiny bathing suit. His skin was oiled and deeply tanned, just about the color and texture of a turkey Leda had left too long in the oven one Thanksgiving. I tried not to look.



A Cheap Way …


September 15th, 2021 Posted 9:17 am

… introduce a friend to the Chet and Bernie series. Dog On It – first in the series, although it can be read in any order – is a digital deal (Kindle and all the rest) at $1.99 for a limited period. Scrounge around under the car seat!


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