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Planet Earth


December 12th, 2009 Posted 9:39 am

“Here’s something out of South Boston,” Bernie says. “This woman wants to start an overnight dog hotel, complete with massage, acupuncture and hydrotherapy.” Don’t know anything about those last two, but massage sounds nice. “It would create 17 jobs and provide training for 100 dogs. Sounds good to me. But the neighbors are up in arms. They’re making a big fuss about noise and smell.”

Noise and smell? Are any creatures noisier than humans, no offense? And as for smells, humans create way more than we do in the nation within the nation. Ever been to the dump, for example? I have no problem with the dump myself, always enjoy a visit there. Once we dug up an old computer and on it Bernie found all this evidence that sent a whole mess of perps up to Northern State Correctional. But where were we?

“Sometimes I think,” Bernie says, “that a whole bunch of people think this planet’s just for them.”

Yeah, that’s where we were.


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