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February 5th, 2009 Posted 3:56 pm

It’s Thursday. How I know is because Bernie woke up and said, “Yes! Thursday!” Not because we’ve got anything special going on today – in fact, things have slowed down and it looks like we’ll be stuck with nothing but divorce work, which we hate, me and Bernie – but because Thursday’s his favorite day of the week. No idea why. Here are all the days in order of how much he likes them, if I can remember: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Wednesday, Monday, Saturday. Is that right? Think I got it. The truth is they’re the same to me, all great! And I love the nights, too. Do they have names?



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February 2nd, 2009 Posted 2:50 pm

Got to do this quick, while I remember. Marley and Me – suddenly fresh in my mind, even though I haven’t seen it since who knows when. Anyway: Loved it! What a great movie! That Marley! A big guy, although maybe not quite as big as me. Remember when he ran off, dragging that restaurant table behind him? I did something just like that once, only it was a bike rack. And bikes were in it! Talk about commotion, and when the trash truck came along at the very same moment when … well, perhaps a story for another time. Where was I? Oh, yeah, Marley and Me. Great! Except at the end, which was sad, Marley lying on the cold metal table. I was lying on a cold metal table once myself. Don’t like to think of it to this day, not one little bit. The human star of the picture kind of reminded me of Dylan McKnight, Suzie’s maybe-maybe-not boyfriend. We don’t like him much, me and Bernie. Once I got Dylan McKnight to try climbing a tree backward. How much fun was that? I think it’s in Dog On It.


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