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February 15th, 2009 Posted 12:02 pm

Yesterday, it turns out, was Valentine’s Day. What is that? No clue, myself. The problem was that neither did Bernie. We were over at Suzie’s place. Have I mentioned Suzie? She’s great! Bernie likes her and I’m pretty sure she likes Bernie, although yesterday she was kind of quiet, even looking at Bernie kind of funny once or twice. Then the door bell rang and a delivery guy dropped off flowers. Bernie’s mouth opened and stayed that way for a bit. Ended up that the flowers came from Dylan McKnight, Suzie’s old boyfriend. In the past, right? But maybe not. I took care of those flowers as soon as I could, but it was too late.


A Big Day


February 10th, 2009 Posted 8:39 am

Bernie says this is a big day for us, not sure why. Certainly not on account of business. We’re down to one lousy divorce case. Yesterday we tailed this accountant, whatever that is, maybe something to do with numbers, where I always stop at 2 – which is plenty – to a motel out in the desert where he met his girlfriend, also an accountant. And so is the wife, Bernie says. He thinks that’s pretty funny for some reason. The accountant dude was pretty nervous – we see that a lot – and dropped the key when he was trying to unlock the door. “What would Freud say about that?” Bernie said. Freud? Had we taken down a perp by that name? I thought so. If Freud was back on the scene this case was more complicated than it looked. No problem. Bernie was always the smartest human in the room, plus we had my nose. If you want my opinion, that combo is the secret of the Little Detective Agency’s success, right there. And if Bernie says it’s a big day for us, then it is.


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