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Detective Fiction


April 10th, 2021 Posted 7:58 am

Yesterday in the comments, posting about detective fiction in general, Hobbit wrote:

“With successive books, the detective becomes more and more rich and famous–perhaps deservedly so but the books lose something in that scenario. I doubt if we have to worry about Bernie getting rich and buying fancy cars and a mansion. My guess.”

This is very shrewd! Especially re the books losing something. And the path of my likely solution.


Did The Pack Come Up?


March 18th, 2009 Posted 7:32 am

Was I supposed to post about the pack, or did I do that already?

Long ago, before Bernie, before Mesquite Road and the Little Detective Agency, I ran with a pack. This was after I escaped from the crack house, way past the other side of the towers from where we are now, in the nastiest part of town. I met up with this pack, a wild kind of pack, like some I saw later when we were working a case Mexico, me and Bernie. In pack life, who’s who gets sorted out first thing. I was pretty much still a pup, so I got sorted out near the bottom. I learned a lot back then, like how to knock over trash cans, and how to run for my life. I got bigger and stronger, and then one day tried to nose in on the same trash can as the leader, this enormous dude who had something wrong with his mouth so his teeth showed all the time. A bad idea, it turned out – but right now Bernie’s tucking the .38 Special in his belt, meaning we’re out of here.

More on this tomorrow. I won’t forget.


Starting Over


February 4th, 2009 Posted 4:08 pm

Sometimes I like to start over at the very beginning. Does that ever happen to you? My very beginning wasn’t too good. Somehow I found myself in a crack house with gangbangers. But then they got busted and I ended up in K-9 school. Loved K-9 school and I was doing so well. Then, on the very last day, something went wrong – my memories of this pretty hazy, although there was big excitement for sure – and I ended up flunking out. That was bad. But the good thing was that was the day I met Bernie. Meeting Bernie is the best thing that ever happened to me. Closing cases comes second. I don’t count after that, two being plenty.


Stroke of Luck

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January 29th, 2009 Posted 11:16 am

Charlie came over last night. Have I mentioned Charlie? He’s great! Likes to ride around on my back. Do we have fun or what? Charlie’s Bernie’s kid, lives mostly with Leda since the divorce. But the point is, after dinner Charlie wanted to watch Marley and Me, and that made me remember what I was supposed to be doing, namely posting my review. Couldn’t remember much about the movie – no idea why, since I remember Hotel For Dogs real well, especially how Friday, the star of the picture, snapped up all that bacon – so it’s a good thing I saw it again. Now it’s fresh in my  mind and I’ll post about it any time now, maybe after my nap.


The Books

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