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Turkey Solidarity?


November 21st, 2018 Posted 7:45 am

These guys appeared in our driveway yesterday (photo Rosie G). The same driveway where tomorrow some deep frying will be going on. Coincidence? Or are they activists of some sort?


No Post Today


December 5th, 2011 Posted 8:25 am

“Why not?” says Spence.

“Because we have to research an important Xmas question,” Admin says, “one that probably goes all the way back to the pagan origins, at least in a metaphorical, or possibly Dickensian sense.”


“And the question is – can you deep fry a goose? Dickens invented modern Xmas by the way – along with Clement Clarke Moore.”

“Did you get enough sleep last night?”

Message to Dan: Sorry about your leg. Get well soon.


Deep Frying, Revised


November 22nd, 2011 Posted 9:17 am

“Hey,” Bernie says, “I just found out that you’re not supposed to put the top on the deep fryer. We’ve been doing it wrong all these years, Chet.”

So we won’t be seeing the fire department guys this year? I’ll kind of miss them.

Welcome two pros, Girl Dog, Black Dog, Oscar. And yesterday in the down below: Beau! (Who got a fitting name.)

RIP: Howard


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