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Chetspeak (4): A Yiddish Moment


April 7th, 2013 Posted 8:55 am

“Hold it,” Bernie said, raising his hand in the stop sign as we were about to step inside, “have you dusted for prints yet?” We’d worked together a lot, me and Bernie, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. He had a nose, even kind of big for a human, but what did it do?

“Yup,” said Rick. “Bupkis.”

Bupkis? I remembered no perps of that name.

“Where’d you learn a word like that?” Bernie said.

“Counterman at the Brooklyn Deli,” said Rick.

Bernie laughed. Whatever the joke was, I’d missed it, but I knew the Brooklyn Deli, a downtown joint I didn’t get to nearly enough.

– from To Fetch a Thief.

Dark matter and dark energy? Melanie’s all over it:


Random Amazon Review We Like


April 6th, 2013 Posted 7:22 am

Can I give this more than 5 stars? Let’s see … it is a great read. Chet is a great writer. Chet has let me know what my dog thinks. I was on the right track! I laugh out loud. I love his friend Iggy. And … what about this Mini Me up behind the house, amigo? – C. Fletcher on The Dog Who Knew Too Much.

“Now can I explain about the difference between dark energy and dark matter?” Admin says.

“I’m afraid we’re out of time,” says Spence.




January 21st, 2011 Posted 9:33 am

“How was the eye appointment?” says Admin.

“Good,” says Spence. “They left me alone in the room for a few minutes and the chart on the wall was lit, so I had time to memorize all the way down to the 20/15 line.”

“Nice job,” Admin says. “Your editor called when you were out. I took the liberty of having a little discussion.”


“All about E-books. When Dog On It came out E-books hadn’t really gotten any traction. That’s changing fast. So how do people who like to read E-style find out about the series?”


“I suggest we ask people at the blog what form they read the books in now, and whether the ones who aren’t E are considering switching.”

“And then what?”

“Slice and dice the data. Basic science. Have you been reading about dark energy, by the way?”


“Turns out Einstein was right even when he was wrong.”

“Do you think he’d have been an E-type?”


The Books

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