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Congratulations, Raksh: Friend of the Month!


March 1st, 2012 Posted 7:53 am

“Random number generator okay?” Admin says.

“I think so,” says Spence, putting down the fire extinguisher. “And it picked Raksh – hope we’re spelling that right. Raksh is a coydog – maybe we can get more details on the history. Raksh’s human companion – please email with a mailing address and a signed copy of the The Dog Who Knew Too Much will be winging its way to you. Raksh will be over there in the special place on the right for the month of March.”

Welcome Cooper, Gus, and a special friend.


Savannah Book Festival (Yet Again)


February 19th, 2012 Posted 9:10 am

“How was the fest?” Admin says. He puts Spence on speaker.

“Great,” says Spence. “Beautifully organized, friendly, fun. Here’s a question – what do we know about coydogs? Half coyotes, half dogs – one of the kids at Beach High School, where I went on Friday, has one.”

“Not a thing, myself,” Admin says. “I’ll do some digging after breakfast.”

Digging? Half-coyote dogs? The day is shaping up very well.


The Books

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