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February 11th, 2022 Posted 7:43 am

Yesterday we posted video of a courtroom scene. Here’s one from the Chet and Bernie series (which can be read in any order!), specifically The Dog Who Knew Too Much:

I’d been in court rooms before, even been exhibit A for my buddy Judge Jaramillo, down in the Valley, but never one this small. It had only two benches on either side of a narrow aisle, then two long desks, and in front of that and raised up on a dais another desk, at which Judge Stringer was sitting. He wore a black robe and looked real tired. At each of the two desks sat a group of two people, their backs to us. One of those people was Bernie. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit! This was the worst moment of my life.





February 13th, 2009 Posted 9:40 am

Don’t care for the leash – I make no bones about it, whatever that means. I love a good bone, or even a dried, cracked-up old one covered in dirt. The bones from Max’s Memphis Ribs! We’ll get to them another time, but right now it’s about … yes! I remember! The leash. Don’t care for the leash. The collar, no problem. I have a brown one for everyday and a black one for dress-up. Sometimes, like in court, you have to wear the leash and that’s that. Once I was Exhibit A. Exhibit B was a .44 Magnum I’d dug up in a flower bed. You should have seen the look on the perp’s lawyer’s face! “Surprise,” Bernie said in a real low voice that only I could hear. I always enjoy a day in court.


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