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Bob Dylan


March 25th, 2009 Posted 7:15 am

Today’s Wednesday. I know because Bernie just said, “Wednesday, Chet. You know what that means.” No clue but then he said, “Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour.” Got it. Bernie always tries to catch this show. He’s a big Bob Dylan fan, and I actually don’t mind the show myself, on account of the fact that Bob Dylan doesn’t sing, just talks, and lets other humans sing, the kind of humans with nice voices. Bernie actually likes Bob Dylan’s singing! Human ears are very strange. Bernie’s, for example, aren’t that small – so why can’t he hear better?

“The theme of today’s show is Noah’s Ark, Chet. So I’m hoping all the songs will be about animals.” Noah’s Ark? Not clear on that. I had vague memories of a counterfeiter we once brought in, name of Noah Feldman. He offered Bernie a million of his homemade bucks to let him go. “For pretend money,” Bernie said, “we’ll pretend to let you go.” Lieutenant Stine laughed a lot when he heard that, but at the time Noah Feldman didn’t even crack a smile, so maybe it wasn’t funny after all. Now Noah’s in an orange jumpsuit, breaking rocks in the hot sun. I never saw his ark, whatever that is.


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