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What’s In A Name?


May 16th, 2018 Posted 8:07 am

Mrs. Publicist: We should have done this yesterday, but no worries. This isn’t brain surgery.

Peter Abrahams (Spencer Quinn): People always use that expression, but is it actually harder than, say, hand surgery?

Mrs. P: You and I wouldn’t know. What character name should we do today? I was wondering about Corporal Luke Crannack in THE RIGHT SIDE. A basically comic figure, I would say, until that last scene in Afghanistan, when we see something of his depth – and even sweetness.

PA: Ah, I’m afraid that name is an example of me having fun at work. I liked the sound of the  name of course – all those hard C’s and K’s – a sort of tiny sound poem, perhaps a bit like weaponry. But the name was inspired by Lucas Cranach the Elder, the fifteenth century master and one of my favorites. The college I went to is known for strength of its art department and I took a lot of art courses way back when. As for any connection between Corporal Crannack and Cranach the artist – zip.

Mrs. P: Thanks, Pete! See you next month for more of What’s In A Name!


Corporal Luke Crannack


August 27th, 2017 Posted 8:59 am

I’ve always liked writing characters like him. (Can anyone guess where the name comes from?) Here he is en route to that crucial mission in THE RIGHT SIDE:

“Katie’s not one of them,” Corporal Crannack said.

“No?” said LeAnne. “She prays five times a day.”

“I’ve never seen her.”

“The women don’t pray in front of men.”

“So you can’t see them with their asses up in the air? I’ll take American women every time.”

“The feeling’s not mutual,” LeAnne said.

TRS Harlan Coben quote


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