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In The News (More)


March 11th, 2021 Posted 8:04 am

Has Queen Elizabeth been in the news lately? Must be because of her 2 new corgi pups! That’s our take.


Queen Mother (More)


September 14th, 2018 Posted 7:51 am

The Queen Mother came up the other day – what a great title! Was she fond of corgis? Oh, yeah. (Is the present queen also the Queen Mother?)


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Review: The King’s Speech


January 6th, 2011 Posted 9:26 am

“What did you think of it?” says Admin.

“Great,” says Spence.

“Spot those Corgis playing with the princesses?”


“They were brought into the family by George VI – played by Colin Firth, who was superb – in 1933 when he was still Duke of York and not expecting to ever be king. He bought a Corgi called Dookie, and then came Jane who had puppies, two of which, Crackers and Carol, were kept.”

“What did you think of the part where he’s watching a clip of Hitler speaking?”

“Perfect. Hitler was an electrifying public speaker, a true demagogue, one of those who sucks in the energy of the crowd and ramps it up and up in crazy spiral. It was his only thing, really. All the rest was sick or incompetent. And why did Blondi have to die? Tell me that.”

“Have we wandered a bit off topic?” says Spence.

You tell me. All I know is that they came back from the movie last night reeking of buttered popcorn. I can still smell it.

Best wishes to B. for a quick recovery.


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