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Snakes and the Nation Within (More)


May 20th, 2020 Posted 8:26 am

Should we do more on poisonous snakes today? This came in from Loretta Sheridan yesterday (thanks, Loretta!). The black spots on Whiskey’s face are the bite marks. Any other thoughts on snakes? Or other animals who are dangerous to the nation within?
“My dog, Whiskey, was recently bitten by a copperhead. He came in from outside and went right into his crate. He does NOT hang out in his crate if he can help it, so I knew something was wrong. He was crying, and I saw two spots of blood on his muzzle. Went to the emergency right away where he was treated. He’s fine now, but I no longer let him run around in our fenced in back yard…The snakes are in overgrown areas of our yard. I won’t go in there. (We do sprinkle moth balls in there.)”


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