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College Kids


July 8th, 2009 Posted 12:20 pm

We drove through the college part of town, not too far from the downtown towers. I love the college part of town. Sometimes we go there to talk to Prof. I think he’s in Thereby Hangs A Tail. Prof’s our expert when it comes to money. Not how to make it, exactly, but something else and whatever it is doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that I love the college. The college kids are great. They play Frisbee all the time. Like right now, as Bernie parked in front of a store, took the can of film we’d found in the tiny box canyon and said, “Just taking this in to get developed. Sit tight, Chet.” Bernie went into the store. I sat tight. Never a problem for me, sitting tight. I could sit tight all day if I had to, especially in the shotgun seat of the Porsche.

I sat tight, no problem. Nearby was a big grassy park full of college kids, Frisbees flying all over the place. I watched for a while and then, what do you know?

“Hey – you see what that dog just did?”


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