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October 19th, 2010 Posted 9:57 am

“Good pitching beats good hitting,” says Spence.

“And other baseball cliches,” says Admin.

Sometimes I think these guys need a long vacation away from each other. Bernie and I went on vacation once, out to San Diego. I surfed. He wore his best Hawaiian shirts. He met a woman named Doreen. She stole his wallet. But no time to get into that now.

“What I’m wondering is why?” says Spence.

“Why good pitching beats good hitting?” says Admin.

“Exactly. Do you think it’s something intrinsic to the game? Like the dimensions of the infield, the size of the plate, the design of the ball itself?”

“So you’re saying it’s a classic closed system?” Admin says.


“Hmm,” says Admin. “I wonder if it’s also true metaphorically.”

“Pitching beating hitting as a metaphor in life?”


“Give me an example,” says Spence.

“Darwinian evolution.”

Darwin! I remember Darwin Del Reno, a drug dealer we took down some time ago, now wearing an orange jumpsuit. Whew! For a moment this conversation was getting a little hard to follow.


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