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Good News


February 19th, 2010 Posted 8:25 am

“Hey,” says Bernie. “Looks like they found Cinnabun.” And that would be who, again? “You remember, Chet. The pit bull who lives with that guy Jesse James, husband or boyfriend of whatever it is, of that actress, what’s her name.” Yeah, now I remembered. “A woman named Rosaura found her in Los Angeles and brought her back to Long Beach. No real details – we’ll just have to make certain assumptions.”

I’ll let Bernie handle that.



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News Update


January 29th, 2010 Posted 7:56 am


“Hey,” Bernie says. He’s at the computer, but not tapping away. I get the feeling he’s given up on the whole budget thing, fine by me – the whole budget thing put him in a bad mood. “They found this dog floating on an ice floe out in the Baltic Sea, fifteen miles from shore. So far four people have come to claim him, but he doesn’t seem to recognize them. That’s the found dog story – the rescuers are calling him Baltic. The lost dog story is from Long Beach. Jesse James – he’s Sandra Bullock’s husband – is searching for Cinnabun, a nine-month old fawn pit bull. Hope they find him.”

Me, too.

“Maybe we should see that movie,” Bernie says. “The Blind Side. The book was pretty good – although Michael Oher ended up playing the other side in the pros, maybe undercutting the whole title.”

What was he talking about? You tell me. And isn’t it way past breakfast time?


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