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Christmas Shopping …


November 19th, 2018 Posted 7:13 am

… seems to have already begun. Here’s a short story stuffer for your digital stocking. You don’t need to have read the Chet and Bernie series to understand it. In fact, it could even serve as an introduction to the world of C&B. (The next C&B novel, HEART OF BARKNESS, comes out July 2.)



Christmas in August, Anybody?


August 10th, 2018 Posted 9:05 am


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Christmas and THE RIGHT SIDE (Conclusion)


November 30th, 2017 Posted 8:21 am

“You’ll be gone real soon,” he said.

“Not gone. Just gone away to school. That’s different.”

He turned to her and smiled. Her dad had a beautiful smile; she’d almost forgotten. “You’re not coming back,” he said. The beautiful smile didn’t lose its shape in the slightest but somehow now looked confused, a confused kind of beauty that made her feel bad inside.

“Come on, Dad. We get two weeks at Christmas. I already checked.”


Christmas and THE RIGHT SIDE


November 28th, 2017 Posted 8:29 am

LeAnne hadn’t seen her mother in a few years – she knew she could pin it down precisely if given more time – and hadn’t spoken to her since a Skype call two Christmases ago, but she knew the voice at once and the sound of it made her cry immediately. What the hell was wrong with her? There was no reason for goddamn tears, yet here they were, not just from her eye, but also from under the patch on the other side, even though those tears ducts were obliterated. Weren’t they? Hadn’t some doc in Germany said so? LeAnne couldn’t remember. She pounded her fist on Dr. Machado’s desk.


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