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Re-Introducing Colonel Bob, Part 2 (From Thereby Hangs A Tail)


February 24th, 2010 Posted 8:24 am

“Who’s your client?” said Colonel Bob.

Bernie smiled. Have I mentioned what a great smile Bernie has? “You haven’t changed,” he said. “The client is the husband of one of the missing women, Adelina Borghese. They own the dog.”

Adelina: in my mind I saw her with ants on her face, and didn’t feel like the biscuit anymore.

“And the other woman?” said Colonel Bob.

“Suzie Sanchez. She’s a reporter for the Valley Tribune. We were in Clauson’s Wells on a tip from her.”

“Got pictures of the women?” said the colonel.

Bernie did. I caught a glimpse as he handed them over: Adelina holding Princess; and Suzie and Bernie in our back yard at home. Colonel Bob studied that one the longest. “You married?”

“Not anymore,” said Bernie.

“This the ex?”


“Any kids?”


“Boy or girl?”


“Two girls here – twins. The mom got custody.”

“Uh-huh,” said Bernie. Silence. Bernie drained his glass and rose. “We better hit the road. I owe you guys.”

“Hell you do,” said Colonel Bob.

I rose, too.

“What a smart dog,” said the major. I liked the major; one of those humans with a feel for me and my guys.

“We’ll keep an eye out for these women,” said Colonel Bob. “And the pooch. But I wouldn’t mind a quick swing over to Clauson’s Wells, if you’ve got time. Shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes.”

Twenty minutes? I didn’t know what that was exactly; but not long, right? And I’d come so far, although the details of the journey were getting a little hazy in my mind. But far, that was the point. So how was this going to be possible?

I only started to get it when we were actually up in the chopper, Bernie and me kind of close together in the back, Colonel Bob at the controls up front. Were we zooming or what? The ground down below blew right by. Wow. So this was how the birds felt. The pukey part, too, I wondered? The truth was I preferred the Porsche, riding shotgun.


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