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The Wild Chickens of Kauai


February 20th, 2019 Posted 12:29 pm

Kauai’s Wild Chickens: The good, the bad, and the ugly!


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More on Travis and Oakley …


February 4th, 2019 Posted 8:15 am

… Chet’s Feb. Friend of the Month. Thanks to Sheri G, human companion, for sending this in:

“Travis & Oakley came to the SPCA of Polk County Texas separately as strays. Travis developed parvo symptoms, but with medication & TLC, he was able to overcome it. Oakley became his best friend. Our trainer worked with them on basic obedience, which helped them to be adopted together. Sadly, they were returned when it was discovered they liked to chase chickens. A few months later, Oakley was adopted by a nice lady and her small daughter. Travis was transferred to Austin Humane Society, where he was adopted and hopefully, is living the dream of regular pets and unlimited Slim Jims.”


Sheila and the Arrival of the Chickens


April 4th, 2018 Posted 8:38 am

Continuing with our new feature, where the human companion – in this case Pamela – tells us a bit about Chet’s new Friend of the Month – in this case Sheila:

“Chickens are a newish addition to our life. The first time she saw chickens, back when we still lived in town, she joyously treated them like tennis balls and two of somebody else’s free-range laying hens failed to survive the game. I bought several baby chicks to replace those and sadly, she got one of them. I held the poor thing under her nose and scolded her until her chin was so low it touched the ground. Then I tenderly took the precious baby outside and burried it, really playing up the pathos. She has been a champion chicken defender ever since.
We moved out to the country about three yeaars ago. We are both much happier out here.
We had a batch of 58 chicks delivered on a night in February 2017 that started out warm, even creepily balmy, but ended with a brutal cold snap well below freezing.  Some knucklehead at the post office left the chicks exposed so that when we arrived to pick them up all but four were dead. I got those four into the brooder as soon as we got home, and then brought the rest outside to bury. Sheila was beside me in her pathetic little gargoyle posture as I worked. As soon as I finished covering them up, she laid down atop the grave and would not move. My landlady/roommate’s exuberant border collie, Daisy, kept trying to get her up to play, but Sheila refused to budge. She snapped and growled in response to Daisy’s relentless invitations.
She laid out there all day with her chin on her paws until it occurred to me that she might not know that we had four living chicks inside. She would not be coaxed from her vigil, so I had to command her to come in. You should have seen her celebrate when she saw those live chicks! She hung her head over the edge of the brooder and huffed, filling her olfactory center with ecstasy. (Who can account for a dog’s olfactory preferences?)
The hatchery resent the order, and the chickens you see behind her in the posted picture were from that replacement shipment.
Sheila is certain it is her job the watch over the entire property, all its inhabitants, and the neighbors’ properties as well. She must approve each newcomer, human or animal. If she thinks someone is headed where they do not belong, she will harass wrists, ankles, paws, claws, rumps and feet right out of there. She permits the chickens their free range, but will help me find any who have gone AWOL by bedtime. She minds their business even to the point of examining their fluffy backsides just as she would if they were dogs. They are remarkably tolerant of her, but she has been all up in their faces (and backsides) since they were new little chickies.
Although the coop is secure, I don’t want anything getting a chance to dig a hole under it. If the bedroom window is open at night, she will hear things happening around the coop and she MUST be on it. When I open the door she is out like a bullet, head, ears and tail straight up, full warrior mode. She always returns with her head held high.”

No Post Today


May 9th, 2014 Posted 8:04 am

Running around with heads cut off.


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