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Reader Pressure


October 26th, 2012 Posted 10:07 am

“Hey, Spence,” says Admin, talking on the phone. “Here’s a random Amazon review of The Dog Who Knew Too Much: ‘Although for everyone, these stories are that much more enjoyable for anyone who has enjoyed that special bond with a pet..He cannot write these books fast enough .. I cannot wait for the next one. Spencer, please hurry…’ So get the message? You best hurry back from Chicago and sit down at that keyboard. I could lay in a supply of Red Bull.”

“Thanks for the call.”

Welcome Bud and Bandit.


Pablo Sandoval Day


October 25th, 2012 Posted 10:48 am

“Kind of undermined your World Series pick,” Admin says.

“Ain’t over till it’s etc.,” says Spence.

“Where are you today?”

“Chicago. I’m on two panels: 1st stop at Lake Villa District Library at 1PM, then at 6 PM at The Cellar in conjunction with Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter.”


Dogs, Drinks, Dining


May 4th, 2012 Posted 8:26 am

“It looks like Chicago’s about to make it easier to take your dog to certain kinds of restaurants,” Spence says.

“Don’t see why not,” Admin says. “You see it in other countries.”


“Hard to say. Stovernia’s a dictatorship.”

“Kind of like Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago?”


The Books

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